Particle filtering half mask EasyCHEE POWSTAY PM01A

This product complies with the requirements of the EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 standard for protection against particles and meets the requirements of the FFP2 protection class therein. It thus offers effective protection against non-volatile solid and liquid particles such as dust, smoke, aerosols and aerosol mist. In the current pandemic period, this is the best protection against infection with the corona virus.

- Respiratory masks of the EU standard EN149:2001+A1:2009, protection class FFP2 NR
- 5-layer filtering, padded nosebands, optional retaining clip for ear relief
- with CE marking, EU declaration of conformity, EC type examination certificate
- European packaging and multilingual information brochure therein
- GTIN (EAN) bar code for the retail trade and PZN for pharmacies (DE/AT)
- Amazon Transparency codes as protection against counterfeiting
- Available in two packaging sizes: as 2-piece envelopes and 10-piece boxes

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